Iodine crystalline

      Crystalline iodine acts antimicrobial, antihelminthic, antifungal, local and resorptive. It irritates the skin and mucous membranes, with frequent use may be an inflammation of a superficial necrosis. When applied to the wound acts disinfectantly, hemostaticly and predrying. For prolonged use at high concentrations of crystalline iodine irritates the wound impairs the healing process.

     Iodine is a part of many drugs (alcohol-iodine solution, Lugol's iodine, iodide ointment, etc.). In the form of ointments and alcohol solution it is applied topically as an antiseptic, stimulating and diverting funds for inflammation and other diseases of the skin and mucous membranes. Alcoholic solution of iodine used for treatment of fresh wounds, the surgical field, the site of injection drugs and hand surgeon for treatment of infected wounds.

     Crystalline iodine is available only in the original manufacturer's packaging, 25/50 kg net, in drums.     Storage: Store in closed containers, protected from direct sunlight, cool, dry place.


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