Dextrose monohydrate

      Glucose - is one of the most easily digestible sugars. It is well absorbed into the bloodstream, but its excess goes to the liver and muscles where it is converted into glycogen.


    Poisoning, infectious diseases, a variety of intoxication, liver disease, decompensated cardiac, pulmonary edema, bleeding diathesis, and many other pathological states skie. In ruminants, is prescribed for gastro-intestinal diseases with symptoms of intoxication, hypotension, atony proventriculus, as well as acetonemia, postpartum hemoglobinuria, ketonuria, and toxemia. The product is a component of various antishock and rehydration fluids, solvent for the drug when administered intravenously in order to reduce their toxic effects. Glucose solutions is prescribed for weak and emaciated animals as energy and dietary means.

   Dextrose monohydrate/glucose is available only in the original manufacturer's packaging, 25 kg net, in bags.

   Shelf life is 2 years from the manufacture date.
   Storage: Store in closed containers, protected from direct sunlight, cool, dry place.

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